Citadel Online Payments

Most reputable online casinos accept Citadel as a form of payment, especially UK-based casinos. Similar to other eWallet services, Citadel makes it easy to deposit and withdraw funds from a casino account. Online players around the world can enjoy the benefits of Citadel casinos, but unfortunately this option is not available to players in the United States.

How to Register

Setting up an e-wallet with Citadel is quick and easy. The entire process can be completed online within a few minutes. Users will need to enter their name, address, and other personal information, and will need to input information from their checking or savings account. This account is used to fund the e-wallet for purchases. New accounts are subject to limitations, but the account can be verified fairly easily to remove the restrictions and increase the account's spending limits.

How to Verify a Citadel Account

Customers can choose one of two options to certify their Citadel account. A government issued identification card, including passports and driver's licenses, can be mailed to Citadel for verification. The more popular option is to verify the address associated with the account by allowing Citadel to mail a code to the address. The code is then entered into the correct box on the Citadel website and the account is considered certified.

How to Make a Casino Deposit with Citadel

There are several options for making purchases and deposits. Transferring funds into the e-wallet typically requires a checking account, but customers in Canada, Spain, the UK, Germany, and Spain can also choose to use a credit card. The easiest way to send money from an e-wallet account is to transfer it to the recipient's e-wallet. The sender simply enters the recipient's email address and a notification is sent to alert them. They can log into their e-wallet account, or set up a new account to receive their payment.

Making online payments with a Citadel e-wallet is quick, easy, and secure. Setting up your Citadel account is simple; using your e-wallet account at your favorite online casino is even more convenient.