Microgaming's Three Card Poker Variations

Casino software giant Microgaming has developed several variations on the traditional online poker game. Several of their versions strip the game to its competitive essence and allow players to go head to head against a dealer. These three card poker variations can move incredibly quickly and can allow a player to rake in a number of quick and easy wins.

Three Card Poker

While not as popular as five card version, three card poker has its very loyal fans. The game involves only the player and the dealer and relies as much on skillful betting as it does luck. Players are given three cards with which to make a mini-hand. That hand is played against the dealer's own three card hand, and the best hand wins. Because there are only three cards, it is easier to make straights and flushes, but pairs and three-of-a-kinds become much more difficult. The payouts are generous and happen quickly, so players should pay attention and always be sure to place the necessary bets. Every new player should get these helpful hints we are offering for a great beginning to the online gambling world. Once you master the basics, it gets easier to win big prizes of any type. Play poker on one of the leading certified sites on the internet. Learn more here about how you can receive a poker bonus and play for free.

Three Card Poker Multi Hand

Players can earn even more money by playing multiple hands at the same time. In this special Microgaming variation, players can hold as many as five hands and play them against a single dealer's hand. This gives the players five separate chances to beat the dealer. Even if just one of these hands wins, a player can make back his or her money, but if all of the hands win at once, the payouts can be huge.

Microgaming's three card poker variations add new twists to a classic game by ramping up the speed and increasing the winnings at the same time. Players who love the traditional five card poker will love these competitive versions of the game.