Playing Limit Omaha Poker Online

Limit Omaha poker is a relatively obscure game that is likely only played by hardcore poker enthusiasts. Though this is the case, it is a very exciting game that can be enjoyed by anyone on nearly any budget.

The Birth of Limit Omaha Poker

It is thought that Limit Omaha poker came about as a result of players becoming frustrated with the no-limit Hold'em games that dominate casinos these days. In general, players involved in a no-limit game can raise one another over and over again until the pot has grown exponentially. There are no restrictions on going all-in and players who are anything but professional can lose their entire bankrolls very quickly.

Limit Poker Games

As an answer to no-limit games, poker variants like Limit Omaha seek to prevent the loss of entire bankrolls in a matter of moments. Essentially, the size of the pot is limited so that players are unable to go all-in and win out over the table simply because they have the largest bankroll. Everyone is given a fair chance to succeed. The other rules are relatively the same; players are still dealt two cards and five are laid down for community use.

Betting and Raising

Aside from standard table limits, Limit Omaha also limits the amount of money that can be in the pot at any given point in time. Therefore, players must raise conservatively and carefully. The amount players can win with this game is still substantial, but one player will not be able to bankrupt all of the rest in a single hand simply because they have a huge bankroll. Limit games like this seek to keep everyone on the same level financially, allowing the game to progress for a longer amount of time.

Players who are tired of losing their bankrolls quickly due to large raise amounts and players with huge bankrolls who like to go all-in at the drop of the hat are likely to reap the benefits of games like Limit Omaha poker.