The Odds of Winning in Caribbean Stud

When it comes to playing casino games, players should be sure to understand their chances of winning before placing a single bet. Listed here are ways to improve the odds of winning in Caribbean Stud poker.

Play Only High Hands

One of the best ways that players can improve their odds of winning is to understand which hands they should play and which they should pass up. Most players agree that playing a hand that consists of anything but an Ace, King, Jack, eight or three is a mistake because the odds of creating a winning poker hand are slim. By remembering this strategy, players can reduce the house edge to as low as 2.5%--a great number for this game.

Dealer Qualification

Before a game can continue, both the dealer and the player must qualify with cards of a certain value. The odds state that the dealer will be unable to qualify as much as 20% of the time, and players will get their original antes back in this situation. This means that one out of every five hands will not be played through. Of course, the same can be said for the player; if the player does not qualify, they lose half their ante.

High House Edge

Finally, before playing Caribbean Stud, players should be aware that the odds are always stacked against them due to the abnormally high house edge. The game is one that is very fun and fast-paced, but players can lose more money than they had originally intended if they are not careful. Caribbean Stud is a game that is best enjoyed in short sessions instead of over the course of several hours.

Players who are interested in a fast-paced card game that requires very little in the way of strategy should be sure to study the odds of winning in Caribbean Stud. Though the payouts seem promising, the house edge is considerable.